State by State

State Ballot Requirements

The 2020 Republican Party Presidential Primaries Wikipedia page only has two declared candidates, yet the Federal Elections Commission, as July 4, has a total of 780 candidates whom seek the Presidency, of which 105 are Republican candidates contesting to be the party's nominee.
As of May 1st those numbers include me.

Only eleven states have precise 2020 primary filing information:   Alabama, Connecticut, Idaho, Louisiana, Massachusetts, Maryland, Michigan, Missouri, Oklahoma, Vermont, and West Virginia.  BRAVO!

All others have some work to do!

Another great resource on election information is Ballotpedia.

Alabama                                  Alaska

Arizona                                  Arkansas

California                               Colorado

Connecticut                           Delaware

Florida                                          Georgia

Hawaii                                           Idaho

Illinois                                            Indiana

Iowa                                               Kansas

Kentucky                                   Louisiana

Maine                                           Maryland

Massachusetts                            Michigan

Minnesota                                Mississippi

Missouri                                         Montana

Nebraska                                         Nevada

New Hampshire                        New Jersey

New Mexico                               New York

North Carolina               North Dakota

Ohio                                          Oklahoma

Oregon                                    Pennsylvania

Rhode Island                   South Carolina

South Dakota                            Tennessee

Texas                                              Utah

Vermont                                    Virginia

Washington State              West Virginia

Wisconsin                      Wyoming

Washington D.C.